Emergency water leak in your house?

Here’s what to do if you have an emergency water leak in your house…

Before any potential problem happens;
1. Identify where you can turn off the water supply.
2. Make sure all these valves work
3. Have the correct tool to isolate the valve, many times a flat head screwdriver.

If you have a leak try not to panic, this stops your ability to think straight!! say to yourself “I have a leak” find the nearest isolation valve, gate valve or stop valve and turn it off.

While there will be water damage I’m sure you’ll understand the need to stop the water to curtail the damage as much as possible. Look out for my short clip on turning off water which I will post soon.

For any advice on safe water isolation, to have valves fitted or replaced call or direct message me to organise a visit.

4 common culprits of noisy pipework

Did you know that loud banging, humming noise or vibration noise in your hot and cold water taps, pipework or in your toilet can easily be fixed?

Dripping tap

  1. By making sure pipework is clipped and supported correctly
  2. Having the correct float valve (filling device) in your toilet will reduce or remove the problem
  3. Having taps suitable for high pressure if the water is supplied off the mains supply
  4. Dripping tap or loose tap washers will also cause unwanted noise.

All these faults and many other plumbing issues can easily be repaired by GTI Heating and Plumbing.