Make sure your heating is efficiently running hot and cold.

Hot and cold water systems are a fundamental part of every property. At GTI we can repair, maintain or upgrade your existing systems, whether they’re Direct, Indirect, Pressurised or Open Vented we have the know-how to manage all types of hot and cold water systems.

Unvented hot water systems

An Unvented hot water system is a perfect system for any household that require large amounts of high pressure hot water. This system has a cylinder that can provide high pressure water at your hot tap matching the mains pressure at your cold taps.

For anyone that goes to a hotel and thinks the shower has amazing pressure or the bath fills really fast this is what you will get at home with your unvented system.

The cylinder in these systems vary in water capacity so it can accommodate any property size from one bathroom up to as many bathrooms as you wish to have. An unvented cylinder has many advantages over your open vented cylinder and combination boiler such as:

  • High pressure instant hot water
  • A storage of water therefore if a tap is ran elsewhere it won’t affect your supply or water temperature
  • Highly efficient production of hot water
  • Can work in association with solar panels and Geothermal heating
  • Less mechanical parts on your boiler to breakdown.

Unvented hot water systems work in conjunction with a number of heat sources one of which is a gas or oil boiler, these are highly efficient and effective systems.

Cold water storage cisterns

Cold water storage cisterns are a very common component in a plumbing system. Typically these are neglected for years and insulation will be falling off, lids become unsecure and pipework often isn’t insulated. All of these issues can lead to further problems with your system:

  • Dirt and debris getting into your cistern can lead to bacteria
  • Lack of insulation causes excess water in the cistern and encourages bacteria growth
  • Not insulating pipework can lead to frozen pipes causes bursts and leaks
  • Faulty float vale leads to dripping water causing wastage and potentially increasing costs on your water bill.

Having a problem with your hot and cold water? Why not give Gerard a call to discuss your system.